Thursday, February 7, 2008

Pedaling continues even if blogging has not

I have done a few more rides and I will write about them but life (and computer access) has interfered with the detail of the past few weeks.

For the coming week. we start hills - there are two routes: 29.5 and 41 miles.

My husband wants to take the long route and I agree (in theory) but I'm going to leave both options open and assess the weather, the wind and my whim when I get there.

Apparently, the long route goes past some the Boy Scout 'hot spots' when he has gone camping, etc.

I did NOT ride on Saturday; the boys did, but I took Eleanor(my youngest) to take her entrance exam for high school. On Sunday, Tony and I rode from our house (Memorial & Bunker Hill Road) to downtown and back. I still haven't figured out my bike computer but Tony said it was about 25 miles. I also took my bike downtown on Tuesday morning and rode it back home so that would have been another 10-12 miles. I think I really like city riding better - even if I don't stop, I like having a constant stream of Starbucks as options. Clearly I'm a retail, not a nature gal.

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